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Japan Trend Shop has everything you’ve ever wanted

Everything you never knew you always needed.


Mike Fenn


Japan Trend Shop is exactly what it sounds like: an online store full of the more jaw-dropping novelty tech to come out of Japan. These are the items you used to stumble upon during late night Reddit browsing, or in a Japanese YouTube commercial. Here, it’s all easily collected for you to find, research, and yes—even purchase. We went through and found some of the devices that really make you say “how did someone even think of that?”… right before you click “buy.”

Mocoro Mop Ball CZ-562 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba was a revolution for lazy households everywhere. Now, it has been upstaged by this adorable little mop that will not only get the job done, but also makes some really cute sounds. Your Swiffer can’t hold a candle to this.

Gomiba Go Remote Control Garbage Can

Throwing out your trash is always necessary. More often than not, however, this requires actually getting up and walking over to the trashcan (since, let’s face it, your impromptu basketball skills won’t land that wadded-up piece of paper anywhere near the receptacle). Now, this device reverses the roles of human and trashcan and brings it to you.

Kokoro Scanner Lie Detector Headset

Would you like to know if a friend, family member, or spouse is lying in the most indiscreet way possible? Then you need this device, which measures brain wave and pulse activity to produce accurate lie detection results that everyone in the immediate vicinity will learn.

Shouting Vase

Japan Trend Shop

Very few people like it when others raise their voices in anger. The next time you see someone about to blow up because of a lost game, stubbed toe, or cheating spouse, make sure to hand them this vase instead. The decorative device will muffle even the strongest screams, reducing them to a whisper for a tranquil—and hilarious—effect.

Chocolate Donut Camera

Japan Trend Shop

How often have you said to yourself “I love my camera, but why doesn’t it resemble a chocolate donut?” We’ve all been there. Fortunately, the Chocolate Donut Camera takes “Instagram-style snaps” and serves the dual purpose of being a “fun trick to play on people in need of a snack.”

Dental Eraser W

Japan Trend Shop

There are all sorts of products that promise a whiter smile: toothpastes, tooth strips, dentures. However, I am fairly certain that the portable dental “eraser” is just the product for an unnaturally bright set of chompers.

Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300 Travel Bidet Cleaning Shower

We all love the unnaturally clean feeling that only comes with a bidet. The sad reality is that if you’re using a toilet in a gas station, department store, or my apartment, a bidet is hard to come by. This awful issue is thankfully solved by the handy portable unit that affords the user a bidet-like wash no matter where in the world they are.

Beauty Voice Trainer

Japan Trend Shop

Beauty products don’t need to only enhance the outside of you. Thanks to the Beauty Voice Trainer, which conditions your throat and tongue muscles, you can have a far more pleasant voice after just five minutes of usage a day!

Breath Checker Mini Bad breath etiquette checker

Japan Trend Shop

Have you noticed that, whenever you talk to people, they keel over and begin twitching on the ground? Why is this? Either you’re terminally boring or you have rancid breath. While the Breath Checker Mini can’t do anything about your choice of words, it can help you monitor how badly your breath smells. The digital readout ranks (no pun intended) your breath levels on a scale from 0 to 6.

Beauty Bottom Cushion

Japan Trend Shop

Have you ever wanted to shape your butt while sitting down? Now you can do just that with the Beauty Bottom Butt-Shaping Cushion! Prevent “secretary spread” thanks to the cushion’s uniquely—and likely uncomfortably—designed shape.

3D Latte Art Maker

Japan Trend Shop

If you thought your French press was the envy of guests, think again. This handy set can turn even the most boring cup of coffee into an adorable work of art. The kit even includes tiny brushes so your… frog? Is that a frog? I think it’s a frog… so your frog can have tiny eyes. 

Photos via Japan Trend Shop | Remix by Jason Reed 

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