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‘The future’: Barron Trump made his first appearance—and thirsty MAGA heads are already obsessed

Trump joked Barron might be his most popular son.


Katherine Huggins


Barron Trump, the 18-year-old son of former President Donald Trump, made his debut on the political stage Tuesday night—prompting left-wing and right-wing social media users to finally agree on something: he might be the face of the future Republican Party.

Trump spotlit his son during a rally in Florida, bragging that he “got into every college he wanted to” and is a “very good guy.”

Barron Trump’s appearance was met with widespread applause and chants of his name, prompting his father to joke that he may be more liked than Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, his two older sons.

“You’re pretty popular, right? He might be more popular than Don and Eric,” Trump said.

Barron Trump’s rally appearance captivated social media—with both the right and the left having plenty to say about the teenager’s political prospects.

“Are we witnessing the future of our Party?” asked one right-wing user.

“The future of the Republican Party is Barron Trump,” weighed in one right-wing pundit. “Welcome to the fight.”

“Guy has a political future for sure,” echoed another user.

“I’ve already launched the 2044 Presidential Exploratory Committee,” wrote Christian Ziegler, the former Florida Republican Party chair, who himself was reportedly investigated for sexual battery.

Left-wing users seemed to agree that Barron Trump may soon enough be a political figure himself, but their reactions to that were far from celebratory.

“Dude has been 18 for 5 minutes and daddy is already setting him up as a successor,” blasted one person. “It will be Ivanka, followed by Barron if Trump gets his way.”

“Barron will be the worst of them all…” argued someone else.

“They’ve prepped him to be an heir apparent to the dynasty they’re building,” claimed another user. “It’s terrifying.”

But the adoration and fear stem are baseless, as Barron only recently entered the political spotlight, following his 18th birthday.

But since then, he’s seen a flurry of coverage. In late June the notorious ex-pharmaceutical tycoon Martin Shkreli claimed the pair were friends and had jointly launched a memecoin.

Barron was also offered a spot as a delegate for Florida at the Republican National Convention, where he could cast a vote for his father for the 2024 GOP nomination. However, he reportedly declined.

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