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Creepy new ‘smart bed’ will know everything about how you sleep

Sweet dreams.


Miles Klee


I’m no technophobe, but I can’t say I ever dreamed of a future where mattresses are computerized. Nevertheless, our march toward the “Internet of Things”—that world in which household fixtures will all be connected in a network of digital convenience (and vulnerabilities)—continues with the game-changing “Smart Interactive Bed” from Balluga.

You may be impressed by the short animation below, or like me, you might recoil at the dead-eyed blinking of a female figure straight out of the uncanny valley. Though some features (climate control!) sound appealing, the ambient light show is like a scene from Poltergeist, while the security function calls to mind a fallout shelter or some sleek, totalitarian dystopia.    

As always, the bed manufacturers leave out what we really want to know: If the Balluga “monitors and controls every aspect of your sleep experience,” which is unsettling enough, then what’s it like to have sex on this thing? Because I didn’t sign up for a threesome with a robot.

Photo via Balluga/YouTube

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