New version of iTunes addresses users’ ‘music deletion’ complaints


John-Michael Bond

If your music vanished, update iTunes and you won’t run into that problem again.

Apple released a new version of iTunes this week that updates the app’s design and fixes an issue plaguing some users whose music files the app accidentally deletes.

Aesthetically, the update brings back a classic feature: the left-hand sidebar, which makes browsing through your library slightly faster than normal.

In an effort to help protect users’ music from being deleted when using iCloud Music Library, the update changes the way iTunes warns users before they delete a track.

iTunes now gives users two options when they delete tracks from the app: “delete song” and “remove download.” If a user selects “remove download,” the song will remain in their library and on their devices but will be deleted from their iCloud Music Library.

Meanwhile, Apple has still been unable to recreate the glitch that caused artist James Pinkstone to lose 122GB of music from his laptop, prompting him to write a widely shared blog post raising awareness of the issue.

The company sent two employees to Pinkstone’s home, but they were unable to replicate the problem. Apple did create a support page for users affected by the glitch which might help them regain their missing files.

H/T TechCrunch

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