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Apple copies viral Beyoncé game in attempt at Twitter stardom

Tech company tries to cash in on popular Beyoncé Twitter game.


Mikael Thalen

Internet Culture

Published Jun 30, 2019   Updated May 20, 2021, 9:35 am CDT

Apple is trying to gain some quick Twitter stardom by mimicking a highly popular thread that uses a “choose-your-own-adventure” format.

The format first appeared earlier this month in a thread where Twitter users were tasked with trying not to get fired as Beyoncé’s new assistant.

That thread, which has so far garnered nearly 100,000 retweets, has users making choices–everything from what Beyoncé should eat for breakfast to which child would she like to FaceTime.

Make the right choices and you’ll keep the job. Make a mistake and you’ll be unemployed.

The game was even praised by numerous celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Questlove, both of whom, unfortunately, were fired.

After widespread attention and even an exposé from TIME, the Beyoncé game is now being copied by major brands looking to cash in on the viral trend.

In an attempt to bring viewers to its platform, Apple TV sent out a tweet Friday asking users to play a similar game in order to help them choose what show to watch.

“The weekend is almost here, how are you unwinding?” Apple TV asked. “Curl up solo with your favorite romance flick or invite friends over for movie night?”

Apple’s game, however, was much less detailed and impressive–users were quick to let the company know.

The only thing Apple’s thread has going for it is its usage of George Costanza from hit ’90s sitcom Seinfeld.

Despite having the thread pinned to its page, Apple TV’s version has only gained a measly 12 retweets so far.

Meanwhile, the creator of the Beyoncé game is already back at it, offering users a new thread in which they must survive the day as Cardi B’s bodyguard.


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*First Published: Jun 30, 2019, 12:55 pm CDT