Apple fixed the bagel emoji, and New Yorkers are satisfied

Addressing one of the biggest faux pas of the decade, Apple is walking back its bagel emoji and implementing a much better, much sleeker bagel that looks like something you’d actually order from your local bodega.

Controversy first began after Apple unveiled its 70-plus emoji update in iOS 12.1. Here’s the original version.

Apple's original bagel emoji. Apple

Disgusting. Now here’s the improved version.

Apple's latest upcoming bagel update. Apple


That’s much more like it. The original bagel looked stale, cheap, and plain, the kind of sorry excuse of a meal you’d heat up in the microwave and down with a cup of instant coffee. The new emoji, on the other hand, looks so plump and delicious, we’re tempted to go out and buy a bagel from the nearby corner deli right now.

Twitter agrees that the bagel redesign is a necessary improvement.

Others are a little picky about the plain-bagel-with-cream-cheese look. After all, the best bagel in the world is an everything bagel with a lox spread.


Apple’s new and improved bagel emoji is already part of iOS 12.1’s beta 4 update, and it’s expected to arrive across iOS 12.0-compatible devices with the public iOS 12.1 release later this year.

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Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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