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An anti-vaxxer passed away—now his followers think he was poisoned with the COVID vaccine by CNN

Dr. Rashid Buttar claimed he was dosed with ‘200 times’ the amount that’s in the COVID vaccine.


Claire Goforth


Dr. Rashid Buttar was one of the most prolific purveyors of conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the vaccine. His outlandish claims, such as that everyone who took the vaccine will die by 2025, and large online following, earned Buttar a spot on the Center for Countering Digital Hate’s “Disinformation Dozen,” a list of 12 influencers responsible for nearly two-thirds of anti-vax content on social media.

Buttar passed away unexpectedly on May 18. He was 57.

Buttar once said that he would sooner take a bullet to the head than get vaccinated for COVID. Anti-vax conspiracy theorists are nevertheless blaming the vaccine for his death. They believe he was poisoned with the vaccine after he was interviewed by CNN last year.

Last week, Buttar said he had been hospitalized with an unspecified condition a few months ago. He blamed the COVID vaccine.

“I had been poisoned with 200 times the amount that’s in the vaccinations,” he said. “…I was actually intentionally poisoned and part of it was right […] after that CNN interview.”

Buttar did not explain how he was supposedly poisoned by the vaccine, which is currently only approved in injectable form. (Oral vaccines are in development.)

Nor did he reveal the name(s) of who he believed responsible or their potential motive.

Buttar’s cause of death has not been revealed. Anti-vax conspiracy theorists still believe his death was caused by vaccine poisoning.

Erin Elizabeth, who was also one of the “Disinformation Dozen,” tweeted about Buttar’s death on Saturday. “Just 3 days he ago [sic] announced he was poisoned after a big CNN interview,” Elizabeth wrote. “Hours after this he died.”


David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who has claimed that COVID is linked to 5G, also referenced Buttar being poisoned with the vaccine in a post about his death.

One of Icke’s followers opined “it seemed like he was poisoned by intelligence agencies operator, and since he himself gave that out, there is no doubt he died from poisoning.”

Another person suggested that Buttar was killed by the so-called deep state because “[h]e had the goods on those who started COVID and released the bio weapon.”

The allegation that some unknown assailant(s) poisoned Buttar with the vaccine is currently the most prevalent theory. A few have alleged that vaccine “shedding” caused his death. The conspiratorial Gateway Pundit reported that Buttar said that he had a stroke and myocarditis as a result of vaccine shedding. (COVID increases the risk of stroke and myocarditis.)

Another claim about the cause of Buttar’s untimely passing is wilder than most.

Some of his followers believe he was poisoned with venom.

“It was said that Dr Buttar was poisoned just over 6 months ago. His lab found snake or snail venom in his body which attacks the brain and heart tissues. I do believe it was deliberately done! The broken corrupted system,” wrote one.

Another tweeted, “When I first heard snake venom long ago I thought it sounded like BS. I’m not so sure now.”

There is no evidence that Buttar was poisoned with the COVID vaccine or venom, snake or otherwise.

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