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Watch this man pick up a passenger airplane that weighs less than a baseball

It’s got a 16-foot wingspan and feels like literal air in your hands.


A man in Germany picked up an Airbus passenger plane and lifted it into the air like a scene out of an Avengers movie.

Don’t worry, no one was hurt.

A video uploaded to YouTube last week shows a massive replica Airbus A-320 airliner take flight inside a hanger in Stuttgart. The remote-controlled balloon airplane has a wingspan of almost 16 feet, and remarkably weighs less than a pound, according to the YouTube account.

But the most extraordinary part: The airplane being carefully lifted into the air before flying around the inside of a hanger and dropping gracefully back into the arms of its owner, like a trained bird on Animal Planet.

It is the creation of German company Airstage, whose tagline is “We make it fly!” The reason this airliner is able to fly inside a hanger just feet above onlookers is that its fuselage is made of a helium-filled balloon, and its wings are just there to make it look more airplane-y. These features help keep the plane incredibly lightweight and undeniably deceiving.

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