Hail Mary: A Tebow Christmas miracle

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From greeting cards to bracelets, these Etsy gifts should go over better than Tim Tebow in the fourth quarter. 

Tim Tebow is resolute in his Christian faith. The Denver Broncos quarterback has starred in an anti-abortion ad during the Superbowl, painted “John 3:16” under his eyes to reduce the glare, drops to kneel in prayer during games, and inspired “Tebowing,” ESPN’s fastest growing meme.

And that’s what makes Tebow the perfect religious holiday gift.

This holiday season, eBay seller DanielBennettandsons171 began selling Christmas cards with original artwork depicting the Tebow kneeling before baby Jesus. Whether genuinely or ironically, the cards were a hit.

“Due to an unanticipated demand for these Christmas cards, we will be printing a second run so that as many of Tim Tebow’s fans as possible will be able to receive their cards,” the seller added to the sold-out listing.

If you weren’t blessed enough to get your hands on one of these iconic cards right away, have no fear. Etsy sellers are also working hard to bring you a Tebow Christmas miracle. Check out some of our favorites in the Storify below.

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