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restore the fourth

undefined Activists to protest on 1984 Day in 20 U.S. cities
Two Minutes Hate and Hate Week, however, have yet to be scheduled.
undefined Redditors occupy congressman's office to protest privacy vote
Four privacy-minded redditors from r/restorethefourth crashed their representative's office—and they might get an answer.
undefined From the birthplace of the Constitution, the Internet fights back
This Independence Day, mere blocks from where the Fourth Amendment was born over two centuries prior, a passionate group of citizens rallied to restore its power. 
undefined New York City Restore the Fourth rally "couldn't have gone better"
Hundreds took to the streets on July 4 to protest NSA surveillance.
undefined Netherlands opens investigation into NSA and PRISM
A resolution to investigate the NSA spying passed the Dutch Parliament Wednesday.
All sizes | protest crowd | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Edward Snowden's favorite subreddit begins to organize protests
"Pardon him?!? Oh hell no. He shouldn't even be prosecuted. He should be given some sort of medal."