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illustration of edward snowden Snowden leaks accelerated adoption of encryption by 7 years, U.S. intel chief says
'From our standpoint ... it's not a good thing.'
abstract art of nsa logo The best free private email services
The best email privacy tools are just a quick download away.
man handcuffed Police shutter privacy-focused Dutch phone network for allegedly aiding criminals
The company marketed itself toward business professionals.
glitcheed image of a computer With U.S. crypto war raging, Swiss company opens secure email service to the public
ProtonMail's public launch is a shot across the bow at the American tech sector.
lineart of edward snowden The state of encryption tools, 2 years after Snowden leaks
Strong privacy has never been more popular.
facebook conversations appearing on computer monitor Facebook enables PGP key display on users' About pages
Users can now opt-in to receive encrypted email notifications.