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net neutrality

Jeb Bush promises to eliminate net neutrality as president
Bush claims that the new rules will stifle investment.
Here's the FCC's full legal defense of its net neutrality rules
Ever heard of a little thing called 'Chevron' deference? You're about to.
Internet-rights champion Tim Wu joins New York attorney general's office as adviser
Wu will advise New York's top law-enforcement official on tech-related issues that are only growing more complicated.
Diane Feinstein with Net Neutrality logos Top Democrat worries net-neutrality rules will help terrorists
The FCC says she can rest easy.
Gavel with eroded Net Neutrality logo Cable companies file opening argument in FCC net-neutrality lawsuit
Is the law on net neutrality's side?
FCC logo surrounded by GOP elephants A bill restricting FCC net-neutrality enforcement passes key Senate committee
The FCC may be about to lose $20 million.