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net neutrality

illustration of india's flag with the facebook logo on it India bans Facebook's Free Basics service on net neutrality grounds
The decision could have ripple effects as other companies try similar programs.
illustration of ted cruz being surrounded by internet tubes Ted Cruz appeared to lie about net neutrality on the campaign trail
Cruz called net neutrality 'a disaster.'
Man with phone Privacy coalition urges FCC to police how ISPs use and protect customer data
Internet companies are sure to object to new rules about what they do with customer data.
pile of money with the fcc logo in front House considers bill that would block FCC from regulating Internet prices
The FCC says it doesn't want to do this anyway. Congress wants to make that pledge permanent.
abstract art of wifi logo T-Mobile's CEO wages war with EFF over Binge On throttling test
T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to respond to tests released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
internet cable with money streaming through it House to consider bill to prevent FCC from limiting Internet prices
The FCC says it isn't interested in using this power, but Republicans don't trust it.