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Minecraft characters flying over swamp with swords Minecraft update 1.9 makes combat more challenging
Shields, dual wielding, and tipped arrows expand the thrill of adventure mode.
Screengrab from the website. Microsoft announces plans to put Minecraft to work in schools
The same Minecraft you know and love with some bells and whistles for the classroom.
Minecraft on Wii U Minecraft is coming to the Wii U on Dec. 17
The family-friendly game finally arrives on the most family-friendly console.
Rasbperry Pi Zero You can buy the new Raspberry Pi Zero for just $5
It's a fraction of what Raspberry Pi's other models cost.
Learning to code is fun and easy with this Minecraft tutorial
Learn how programming works and explore the world of Minecraft, all at the same time.
Screengrab from Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode One. Minecraft: Story Mode challenges the way Telltale Games builds its stories
"Family friendly" could be a roadblock to a satisfying tale.