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imgur: the simple image sharer Hillary Clinton's email server was vulnerable for years, IT firm says
The FBI reportedly told the company this year not to encrypt Clinton's emails.
Linkedin logo with Iranian flag Iranian 'threat group' reportedly behind ring of fake LinkedIn profiles
The purported hackers behind these attacks don't actually need a job, it turns out.
Chatham House study: Nuclear power plants vulnerable to cyberattacks
'Many industrial control systems are insecure by design.'
illustration of a  key made with data Government IT professionals say data-sharing won't stop cyber breaches
About 44 percent of federal employees say negligence is really the problem.
illustration of an envelope with hillary clinton's logo on it Hackers tried to infiltrate Hillary Clinton's private email in 2011
A spokesperson says she didn't fall for it.
computer with programming code on its screen Why hackers are always faster than the companies they attack
One security firm has seen more than 1.2 billion successful exploits so far this year.