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glitched image of a lock Hackers could attack new U.S. bio-weapons detection system
Talk about things going from bad to worse.
glitched image of a phone Prison phone company defends recording leaked attorney-inmate calls
An 'anonymous hacker' has privately leaked more than 70 million prison phone call records.
Rand Paul with NSA logo Rand Paul praises Edward Snowden for doing 'a service' to the U.S.
Paul also suggested a light sentence for the 'whistleblower.'
TalkTalk logo pattern with handcuffs Police arrest second U.K. teen for hack of major ISP TalkTalk
But Scotland Yard is still on the hunt.
a sleek car with windows made out of data U.S. lawmakers want better car-data privacy policies, higher fines for hackers
They say there is an 'urgent need' for improvements.
illustration of a  key made with data Android phone makers put users at risk to hacking, study finds
Own a Sony handset? You might be at risk.