Satan statue surrounded by christmas gifts

‘What a pathetic excuse of a Christian’: State representative—who is also a pastor—roasted for defending Satanic display at Iowa Capitol

'The display is an inanimate object that has no real power.'

On Dec 13, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Elon musk

People are debunking the bold claims Elon Musk made in massive advertising lawsuit—in real-time on his own site

'how could there not be an ad blacklist for some of this stuff???'

On Nov 21, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Homepage article image

Nikki Haley demands ban on anonymous social media accounts while on influential anonymous conservative poster’s podcast

'Flagrant violation of the Constitution.'

On Nov 15, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Free speech crusader RFK Jr. slammed for supporting open letter demanding Harvard review students’ Slacks for antisemitic memes

RFK Jr. had made a stance against free speech censorship a cornerstone of his independent run

On Nov 6, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

Elon Musk face with X app on black background (l) Freedom Forum logo on grey background (r)

Elon Musk’s X blocked a First Amendment nonprofit from running ads—then reversed course without telling them

'What they did is confounding given their own purported ideals and beliefs about free expression.'

On Sep 5, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

gadsen flag video

‘Your son is a legend’: Video of teacher kicking 12-year-old out of class for ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ patch racks up millions of views

TikTok had a lot to say about the school administrator's decision.

On Aug 30, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Donald Trump speaking in front of blue background (l) First Amendment in constitution (c) Rudy Giuliani speaking in front of light background (r)

‘Now, he didn’t’: Rudy Giuliani defends Trump’s ‘right to lie’ about the 2020 election—before swiftly backtracking

Giuliani is listed as a co-conspirator in the indictment.

On Aug 2, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Vijaya Gadde

Elon Musk kicked off his ‘free speech’ crusade by firing Twitter’s biggest free speech advocate

She pushed a vision Elon Musk claims he wants.

On Oct 28, 2022 by AJ Dellinger

kraken logo over hexagonal wave pattern

‘Someone must be offended’: Crypto company pledges to be world’s least progressive exchange

'Words nor silence are ever ‘violence’'

On Jun 15, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Ron Watkins with inset 'SecOfDef in Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ] Chat - Daniel [5344048248] used a banned word. Action: Banned until 29/05/2023 01:34. May 28 at 19:34'

Ron Watkins keeps a secret list of banned words that will get you booted from his Telegram chat

Nobody seems to know what those words are.

On Jun 10, 2022 by Claire Goforth

The Parler app against a brick wall

Conservatives flock to Parler—but its terms of service are just as strict at Twitter’s

The social media site is growing in popularity among prominent right-wing figures.

On Jun 25, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

Homepage article image

Facebook denies moderating comments under Zuckerberg’s big free speech live stream

The comment section on Zuckerberg's live stream was peculiarly positive.

On Oct 17, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter Blocking

AOC says she’s blocked fewer than 20 people in wake of lawsuit

She responded to a letter from the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.

On Aug 30, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich

Donald Trump Social Media Executive Order FCC FTC

Trump’s executive order would make FCC, FTC social media police

The summary of the executive order was criticized by internet rights groups.

On Aug 12, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich

demand free speech rally

Man banned from Tinder is the highlight of Proud Boys ‘Demand Free Speech’ rally

If you aren't free to swipe, are you even free?

On Jul 6, 2019 by Alex Thomas