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Free Speech

Russia's latest Internet censorship decision sets a dangerous precedent
Roscomnadzor decides what Russians get to read online. And it can decide pretty much anything it wants.
Black Lives Matter protestIs Instagram censoring searches for Sandra Bland and #BlackLivesMatter?
On Tuesday night, users who tried to search the tags said they were met with blank screens.
reddit alien looking happyKilling Reddit's most hateful subreddits won't exterminate its troll problem
They never truly disappear, no matter how hard we try.
Skull patternVietnam cracks down on activist 'zombie' movement
A political meme is turning very real in Vietnam.
reddit upvote in drinking glassNew Reddit CEO says the site will censor harassment and 'illegal content'
Redditors on both sides of the 'speech' debate are angry and nervous.
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