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free speech

Charlie Hebdo One year after the Charlie Hebdo attack, we are still #JeSuisCharlie
The magazine lives on, and so does freedom of speech.
Donald Trump pointing to himself, the only person in the world who matters. 200,000 sign petition to ban Donald Trump from the U.K.
The country has banned other Americans before.
youtube logo in the shape of a map of turkey Turkey's YouTube ban violated free speech, European court rules
This is not the only time Turkey's government has censored the Internet.
keyboard British authorities cite 'terrorism' to seize BBC journalist's laptop
Free-press campaigners are concerned about the 'chilling effect' on journalism.
graph bars with china's flag imprinted on them China's new credit reports are the government's latest censorship tool
Watch what you say, or your credit score might plummet.
Man convicted for cursing out police on Facebook wins $35,000 settlement
The right to free speech is not limited to polite speech alone.