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illustration of edward snowden Former CIA chief blames Paris attacks on Edward Snowden, says he should be 'hanged'
James Woolsey says Snowden has 'blood on his hands.'
hands typing on backlit keyboard More surveillance in France won’t stop another Paris attack
Intelligence gathering isn't always that intelligent.
art of computer hacking ICAP, NDAA demand laws mandating encryption backdoors
Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?
glitched image of someone hacking a computer Hackers knock out ISIS's Dark Net propaganda site
The Islamic State is losing a war on the Dark Net.
Congressional glitch Heads of 2 powerful House committees join anti-encryption crusade
Is encryption really 'the biggest threat today,' as one lawmaker claimed?
a phone with facebook icon on it Tor use skyrockets in Bangladesh after government bans social networks
The government says that it's watching people who try to circumvent the ban.