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imgur: the simple image sharer Hillary Clinton's email server was vulnerable for years, IT firm says
The FBI reportedly told the company this year not to encrypt Clinton's emails.
'Dozens' of terror suspects used encryption to beat FBI, director says
The push against encryption continues.
computer at the White House Conservative groups urge Obama to back strong encryption
'The White House’s silence on encryption is deafening.'
Congressman Ted Lieu Rep. Ted Lieu: FBI not the only voice that matters in encryption debate
'The FBI is pretty much focused solely on one issue, which is law enforcement.'
illustration of a  key made with data House speaker candidates Kevin McCarthy and Jason Chaffetz disagree on encryption
One candidate vehemently opposes backdoors in encryption. The other...not so much.
computer monitor with a lock on the screen Twitter, Dropbox, ACLU petition White House to back strong encryption
The fight for private communication continues.