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david karp

Tumblr just deleted one of its most popular users for DMCA violations
She refused to give up her anonymity in order to fight her DMCA takedown notices.
obama tumblr GIF Obama's way is the only way to pronounce 'GIF'
It's a hard "G," as in "government oversight."
All sizes | David Karp | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Help furnish David Karp's 'mildly steampunk' apartment
David, baby. A few brown bricks and a brass ceiling fixture does not steampunk make. 
undefined New NSFW content restrictions enrage Tumblr users
While David Karp was touting the platform's open freedom of speech policy, some users were learning about new tagging limitations that isolate their blog from the rest of the world.
undefined Tumblr's David Karp rings opening bell at NASDAQ
He really dressed up for the occasion, too. 
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