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man wedding ring I was a teenage 4chan troll—until I learned to change my ways
The boys of the Internet need to start looking at the man in the mirror.
Project Harpoon #ThinnerBeauty boards Photoshop plus-size women into skinnier versions of themselves
It all started with something called Project Harpoon.
illustration of a beautiful woman shh-ing the viewer Following Ashley Madison hack, fierce debate over cheaters v. privacy
The Internet is deeply divided over the unprecedented hack.
women The Internet was too smart to fall for 4chan's fake feminist convention
Kids, don't put the word 'con' in the actual title of your Internet hoax.
Simpsons figurines People are writing horror fanfiction about your childhood cartoons—and it's terrifying
The perverse, unique fears we attach to childhood entertainment are having a moment.
4chan logo on floor of archival room Why the mysterious creator of 4archives shut down the site
For years, the site stored the best and worst of 4chan. Then in May, its mysterious creator pulled the plug.
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