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Deplatformed: Fuddrucker’s Farewell?

Is Biden the cause of chain restaurants’ demise?


David Covucci


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Has Biden destroyed America’s beloved burger?

A new viral rumor is taking hold online, based on an entirely unsourced video, that President Joe Biden’s economic policy is causing long-standing chain restaurants to shut down.

Chief among them? Fuddruckers, the build-your-own-burger bar. The original claim stems from an AI-voice narrated video that lists off a string of restaurant closures it says have gone down in the past year.

The video says restaurants like Fuddruckers and Old Country Buffet are shutting down completely, while other restaurants like IHOP,  Buffalo Wild WingsApplebee’sPizza Hut, and more are closing down dozens and dozens of locations.

“So sad to see all our favorite restaurants disappear,” the video ends on a non-political note.

But the list got shared by conservative radio host Wendy Bell on her Rumble channel, whose dramatic reading and claim Biden is behind it, went viral.

Bell dubbed the video on the “downfall of the US economy,” pulling her information, it seems, entirely, from the viral AI clip, while adding her own takes and opinions.

“I love Fuddruckers. Thanks, Joe”

“Macaroni Grill: They’ve got a good margarita pizza”

And, Bell says, they “*poof* are going away … that’s what we call Biden magic.”

“This is epidemic, this is unsustainable, this is called America dying,” Bell goes on to say about there being no more Fuddruckers in the country.

On her Instagram page, where she also shared the clip, her fans agreed.

 “This is truly heartbreaking this administration has no clue what they are doing,” wrote one. 

Another thought Biden had secretly warned Fuddruckers to flee the country.

“Since Joe is in bed with big corporations I just wonder if there’s something they already know that we don’t,” said a commenter. 

The original video itself seems to stem from the outcry over Red Lobster declaring bankruptcy, which brought an outpouring of love for the chain.

It also prompted a look at just why Red Lobster was struggling, and the answer wasn’t Biden, but private equity ravaging the company.

And that isn’t the only incorrect claim. Fuddruckers itself called the list “misinformation,” just a few days before Bell voiced her concern.

But online, Bell’s claim is nevertheless percolating, as numerous people are sharing the video, declaring “Bidenomics Is DESTROYING The US Economy.”

2) Black Pilled is getting too black-pilled

You’d think a nihilist streamer could never be too doomer for the internet’s farthest-right miscreants who revel in their own misery, but fans of Black Pilled are turning on the show.

Devon Stack’s Black Pilled channel has over 24,000 subscribers on Odysee and nearly 50,000 on X, which he describes as “a trusty flashlight in the dark corners of the internet.”

The streamer hosts late-night videos dubbed “insomnia streams.” Recently, he embarked on a three-part series called “the Gay 90s” where he rants about “rich Jews” controlling the media and forcing LGBTQ narratives on the world, singling out the “Golden Girls” for having an episode with a gay wedding, trying to disabuse his followers of the idea that there was previously a golden age in America.

But viewers on 4chan have turned on him.

“This guy’s recent takes have been terrible,” a recent thread kicked off.

“Lately he seems obsessed with everything being turned gay (I agree, but I don’t need a 3 video series on it),” wrote one.

“Devon is really obnoxious at times. Literally everything is wrong to him … He lost the ball & I can’t take him seriously anymore. He’s too authoritarian. It’s like he wants to rewind the social politics back all the way for the last 100 years,” added another.

And while you might think taking the black pill, slang for adopting an all-encompassing doubt about yours and the world’s future, would mean you’d think everything is bad, for some Stack lacked optimism

“I used to listen all the time but he got too ranty and literally blackpilled about everything so i just kind of stopped.”

That said, there is one possible explanation put forth in the thread.

“He does beekeeping and said that he recently got attacked by a ton of his Africanized bees to the point that he was somewhat afraid of dying from it. … Did the bee stings cause him to lose his mind?”

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