'Dark Souls: The Board Game' shatters Kickstarter goal in 3 minutes

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Dark Souls The Board Game/Kickstarter (CC-BY)

People love the sweet, sweet pain of 'Dark Souls'

Fans of the notoriously difficult and deeply loved Dark Souls franchise lit up Kickstarter today, funding Dark Souls: The Board Game in less than three minutes. 

As of publication time, the Kickstarter had soared passed the $1 million mark, shattering its original goal of $70,832.

Much like the Dark Souls video games, the board game requires a keen sense of awareness and strategy. For example, players will need to monitor stamina and decide weather to continue attacking or back off. Because of the Kickstarter’s quick success, all of the initial stretch goals were quickly unlocked, including new figures and cards. 

Dark Souls: The Board Game is set to release in April 2017. The game, plus the stretch goal perks, will cost backers $113.

Screengrab via Dark Souls The Board Game/Kickstarter

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