Within minutes of the pie attack on Rupert Murdoch, Twitter users had identified the assailant as Jonathan May-Bowles (@JonnieMarbles), a comedian and activist. Just seconds later, Twitter began telling Mr. May-Bowles how little humor they found in his prank. "Congratulations on making Murdoch Sr a martyr during a crucially important hearing", read one of the most retweeted comments directed at EXX.

Slightly more tactful but no less disapproving was U.K. rocker and outspoken political activist Billy Bragg who wrote, "Idiotic @JonnieMarbles makes everyone feel sympathetic towards Rupert Murdoch. Thanks a lot."

The words of Bragg and Wilson we're retweeted with fury for a period this afternoon, as the world reacted to what could easily be called the pie heard 'round the world. May-Bowles' intent may well have been honest, yet he failed to gain much support among the hearing's world-wide audience.  


At least one Twitter user found a punchline, and the will to leave May-Bowles' tar and feathering to the U.K. authorities. Ellie Mae O'Hagan writes, "Instead of condemning @JonnieMarbles, I'm going to condemn the pie. The delicious, headline-grabbing pie..."