Also in today's Dotted Lines: Minnie Driver reads severely inappropriate racehorse names. 

Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day's must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

Meanwhile, here's a guy crashing a flash mob—and making it way funnier.

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Amtrak train smashes truck carrying a lifetime supply of bacon
An Amtrak train carrying 203 passengers collided on Friday afternoon with a truck hauling tens of thousands of pounds of bacon. There were no immediate reports of injuries.
calvin and hobbes
An airport staff had the cutest surprise for a little boy and his lost stuffed tiger
Six-year-old Owen Lake is a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan, to the point where he named his own beloved stuffed tiger Hobbes. But when the Lake family recently came back from a five-day vacation, they realized that sadly, Hobbes had been left behind at the airport.
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