Obama's communications chief makes worst possible Twitter typo

RedHack leaks reveal the rise of Turkey's pro-government Twitter trolls
There's a reason you won't read about this in Turkish media.

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President Barack Obama's communications chief accidentally dropped the N-word on Twitter.

The leader of President Barack Obama's communications team suffered a rather unfortunate gaffe Tuesday when he failed to proofread a hastily-posted tweet. 

Dan Pfeiffer inadvertently used the N-word in a message to his more than 54,000 Twitter followers.


Screengrab via Hypervocal

Obviously, the word Pfeiffer meant to use was "bigger." He quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

But his prompt apology hasn't kept some from having a few laughs at his expense. 

Others were not cutting him as much slack.

Photo via Netroots Nation/Flickr

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