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Assassinate nuclear hijack 911 WikiLeaks Allahu Akbar.

Sure, we’d all like to waste the NSA’s time and clog their surveillance channels by raising a bunch of false red flags, but creating a steady stream of misinformation is a lot of work. 

Or was.

Flagger!, a mischievous browser extension for Chrome by Jeff Lyon, promises to make civil disobedience as simple as surfing your favorite sites. Once you’ve installed it, you can pen a mocking message that will be appended to every URL you visit, along with select alarming keywords like “jihad” and “dirty bomb”—you can even devise your own attention-getting terms.


There's also an admirably sardonic Twitter account to get you into the proper spirit.

Because Flagger! doesn’t work equally well across the Web, there’s a convenient on-off switch, so you only have to taunt the overreaching intelligence community when you feel like it. We’ve no idea if such behavior will bring a SWAT team to your front door, but as Lyon notes, “the U.S. government arrests people for all sorts of stupid things.” So maybe prepare for the worst.

Photo by Rutger van Waveren/Flickr

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