Internet explodes in joy, horror after 'Hamilton' cast directs speech at Mike Pence

Hamilton Mike Pence Twitter reaction

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Not surprisingly, Donald Trump weighed in, as well.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed by the audience and then lectured by the cast at Friday night’s performance of Hamilton, drawing acclaim from many parts of the internet.

But not everybody was pleased with the reception Pence received. Take, for instance, Donald Trump.

On Saturday morning, Trump woke up, presumably learned about the Hamilton cast explaining to Pence why they were scared about a Trump presidency, and then fired up his Twitter account.

Here was what Trump was protesting. Following the performance, Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the show, delivered a passionate speech about how he wants the next administration to think about every citizen in this country.
And after reading Trump’s tweets, Dixon himself took to Twitter to offer a response.
But after news broke late Friday night about the post-show conversation-starter—and particularly after Trump weighed in Saturday morning— Twitter was alive with commentary. Here were some of the best tweets we found, including this one from the man who originated the role of George Washington in Hamilton.
Not everybody was cheering on Dixon and the rest of the cast.
Eventually, two competing hashtags popped up on Twitter. The first: #NameAPenceMusical.
The second: #boycotthamilton (though many of these tweets actually supported Dixon’s speech).
And, of course, there was also at least one generous offer to those who would give up their Hamilton tickets to protest.

'Hamilton' cast gives Mike Pence a lecture he'll never forget
First, Mike Pence was booed at the theater. Then, after the show, he was lectured by the cast. And much of the internet loved every second of it.
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