Snapchat's new world filters change more than your face

snapchat world filter

Photo via Mike Wehner

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It's no secret that Snapchat's face filters helped move the app from a quirky niche communication tool to a have-to-check-it-every-day social phenomenon, and now those charming overlays are moving from your mug to the world around you. 

Mike Wehner

In a new update to the Snapchat iOS app, the company added world filters, which are exactly what they sound like. Instead of simply altering your face or head, the new filters are full augmented reality makeovers of your surroundings. 

Mike Wehner

So, for instance, you can activate a filter that turns your office into a snowy wonderland or use a different filter to fill your room with rainbow-barfing cartoon clouds. 
The filters themselves are fairly basic, and there's only a handful to play with right now, but it's a clear sign that the Snapchat app is going all-in on augmented reality. You can be sure that more world filters are on the way sooner rather than later. 
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