This augmented reality program will help you solve a Rubik's cube extremely fast

angled rubik's cube

Photo via Sonny Abesamis/Flickr (CC-BY)

In 20 moves or less.

One day technology may turn against us, but first it’ll help us impress our friends by helping us solve that pesky Rubik’s cube.

For his bachelor thesis project, Martin Španěl created Mistr Kostky, an augmented reality Rubik’s cube assistant that will help you solve your Rubik’s cube in 20 moves or less. The augmented reality technology can analyze all of the pieces and devise a way for you to solve it with a quickness. Right now the project is a work in progress, but Španěl will release it once as it works on more cubes.

Will it help us solve Rubik’s cubes on our own? Probably not, but it might be a hit at parties.
rubiks cube
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