@nikkifurtado, tattooist on Instagram
8 tattooists you should follow on Instagram this second. 
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'Suicide Squad' cast tattooed each other because this movie isn't weird enough already
We're really not sure what to make of the Suicide Squad cast. First, we heard about Jared Leto channeling the Joker by gifting his costars with rats, dead pigs, and bullets . Then, director David Ayer hired an on-set therapist for the cast.
Baby otters sound like squeaky toys, are the most precious things
The Internet is a far less scary, stressful, and annoying place thanks to the tiny, adorable, furry baby animals that grace our social media feeds on the regular. Kittens and puppies are both popular choices for your morning dose of oohs and ahhs, but here to make a play for Cutest Creatures Ever are a pair of baby otters.

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