hand on face broker
The stock market takes a dive. Console yourself with online humor.

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down more than 600 points today, stock in memes and Tumblr parody accounts rose.

“The Brokers with Hands on their Faces Blog” features, well, exactly that: stockbrokers with hands on their faces to hide themselves from guilt, pain, and despair they are receiving from their clients for losing so much money. The Tumblr recently popped back into relevancy after a five-month hiatus.

The other Tumblr blog, “Sad Guys on Trading Floors,” highlights sad stockbrokers being sad at the same place where your 401(k) is being slaughtered. They feel your pain. Unlike the previous blog, this one features snarky commentary and each post is gaining more notes. One person said “LOL. The only thing that’s made me laugh all day.”

Meme database QuickMeme has only one stock-market meme, with a picture of brokers looking bemused at the stock market (Warning: f-bomb in the caption.) The guys over at Super Frat have a few homemade stock market memes for your liking, also.

Over on the social news website Reddit, users are posting their best pictures, including one showing even the stock market crash even broke Google Finance.

As the market inevitably crashes more, we’ll keep you posted on the growing sector of stock-market memes because at this point, all you can do is laugh.

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