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Uber Works wants to disrupt the idea of a living wage
'Temporary staff' might be good for business—but not for the staffers.
Harsh prosecution of Trump inauguration protesters should scare America
These trials risk changing the definition of free speech in America.
The 6 reasons Roy Moore shouldn’t win a Senate seat that have nothing to do with sex crimes
Spoiler: Really bad poetry is, believe it or not, one of them.
The 8 ways Congress could help stop mass shootings right now
Gun violence is nothing new—and neither are the ideas behind stronger gun control.
Something is wrong on the internet
YouTube and Google are being hacked to abuse their most vulnerable audience.
The national parks price hike is class warfare
It's not just the average American family who stands to lose out on this plan.
Twitter, stop making excuses and delete Trump’s account for good
The time for giving him a free pass is over.
Hate against the NFL proves impeachment won’t stop Trump’s America
The NFL is controversial now because Trump said so.
The quiet war against ownership
A major conflict is shaping up between the owners of smart devices and the companies that produced them.
Gerrymandering is poisoning our democracy
Compromise is key to democracy—and gerrymandering is killing it.
Trump’s pick in Georgia 6th race wants to outlaw gay adoptions
Georgia's high-profile special election is about more than Democrats' chances in 2018.
Trump ‘cares’ about anti-LGBTQ hate crimes—except when his supporters commit them
If Trump wants to know the real threat to queer and trans Americans, the president should get a mirror.
The dark magic of Trump’s covfefe typo
One dumb Trump tweet can trick the world into looking the other way.
Trump’s war on the media is just beginning
President Trump's attacks on the press attack the Constitution itself.
The case against impeaching Trump
America needs Donald Trump to stay in office—whether we like it or not.
President Trump’s executive orders are meaningless photo-ops
It may seem significant every time Trump signs an executive order. It's not.
‘Lock her up’ Republicans stay remarkably silent on Trump sharing intel with Russia
These prominent conservative voices called for Hillary Clinton to be sent to prison for her improper use of private email. Where are they now?
Why unmasking cybersecurity experts is so dangerous
Some heroes don't want the world to know their names.
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