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The case against impeaching Trump
America needs Donald Trump to stay in office—whether we like it or not.
President Trump’s executive orders are meaningless photo-ops
It may seem significant every time Trump signs an executive order. It's not.
‘Lock her up’ Republicans stay remarkably silent on Trump sharing intel with Russia
These prominent conservative voices called for Hillary Clinton to be sent to prison for her improper use of private email. Where are they now?
Why unmasking cybersecurity experts is so dangerous
Some heroes don't want the world to know their names.
100 days in, Donald Trump is losing
Donald Trump is learning what failure looks like.
Publishers can pop the toxic media bubble by embracing remote workers
The media can only improve if we stop requiring journalists to live in major cities and expand into that sea of red America.
Fear not, Bill O’Reilly: Trump’s presidency proves America doesn’t care about sexual assault
America will decide, just as it has with Trump, that allowing O’Reilly to keep his public platforms is tolerable. What will we decide is OK tomorrow?
We’ve accepted Trump as president—now he’s more dangerous than ever
With war drums banging in the distance, Trump's presidency becomes more normal—and more frightening.
War won’t save Donald Trump’s ratings
If President Trump wants to boost his approval ratings, he should resign.
Did Marvel really just blame its sales slump on ‘diversity’?
Did Marvel's diversity initiative fail to attract new readers, or is the problem more complex?
Why aging is a disease
The future of Libertarianism could be radically different
The Trump administration is ‘not worried’ about AI taking human jobs, and that’s a problem
A blatant display of ignorance by one of our nation's top leaders.
On Shitposting
Shitposting is the language of the internet, now but not forever.
Want to reduce Chicago gun violence? Fund community programs, not police surveillance.
There are better ways to reduce gun violence than spying on Chicago's vulnerable communities.
Your internet provider wants Congress to take away your privacy protections
'Big Cable' is lobbying Congress to make money off your data—and they might get away with it.
Snap’s investor honeymoon overshadows concerning risk factors
The company is still fighting an uphill battle.
Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ has some serious filmmaking flaws
‘Get Out’ is an acclaimed and refreshing hit, but it can’t escape horror cliches.