Where to stream ‘Zombieland’ before ‘Double Tap’ comes out

Zombies never die, and neither does our cinematic fascination with the undead.

Film and television franchises that tell tales of zombie apocalypse can seemingly go on forever. The Walking Dead continues to soldier on after years and numerous spinoffs on AMC, and now, post-apocalyptic zom-com Zombieland is getting a sequel.

The original 2009 film featured a charismatic cast led by Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Jesse Eisenberg. Zombieland’s charming, tongue-in-cheek swagger made it a cult classic. A decade later, its sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap, is poised to offer more of the same when it hits theaters on Friday.

If you want to catch up on the original film before taking in the sequel, or you just want to jog your memory before returning to this world, here’s how you can watch Zombieland online.

Is Zombieland on Netflix?

Though Zombieland is not currently on Netflix, it will return to the streaming service November 1.

Is Zombieland on Hulu?

Regular Hulu subscribers will not be able to stream Zombieland, though you will be able to watch the film if you have Hulu with Live TV.

Is Zombieland on Amazon Prime?

Zombieland is technically available on Amazon Prime, yes, but as with many titles on Amazon Prime, you will have to rent or purchase the film. Your most affordable option is renting the title for $3.99.

How else can I watch Zombieland online?

There are no free streaming options available for Zombieland at the moment, but you can rent or purchase the film on your platform of choice, be it iTunesGoogle PlayYouTube, or another service that allows you pay for digital content.


Brenden Gallagher

Brenden Gallagher

Brenden Gallagher is a politics reporter and cultural commentator. His work has been published by Motherboard, Complex, and VH1. He’s the co-founder of Beer Money Films, an indie production company. Based in Los Angeles, he works in television drama as a writers assistant.