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At the end of the day we know that Negan bludgeoned someone to death with his barbed wire baseball bat he calls Lucille on The Walking Dead, but the show’s latest promo appears to rule out one of his victims.

Like some of the trailers to proceed it, the new season reveals hints about King Ezekiel’s Kingdom but mainly focuses on the hell that will soon become the reality for the group. Except, since pretty much every character involved in that storyline could possibly die before it starts, The Walking Dead shoved Negan in our faces to demonstrate the depths of his malice and cruelty.

But at some point it would’ve shown us—accidentally or not—a glimpse of at least one of the survivors, and we’d recognized that mustache anywhere, which occurs around the 0:21 mark.

It could be another mustachioed person, of course, but it looks very much like Abraham’s handlebars and falls in line with what actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show, told PopSugar last month. He hinted that Negan and Abraham—who don’t meet in the comics because Abraham died before Negan’s first appearance—would interact this upcoming season.

Previously, Abraham appeared to be the most likely victim because reports from the set indicated that Cudlitz hadn’t been seen since filming the season premiere, but this opens up the possibility of the bat swinging down on someone else. With the hints that have appeared over the summer the future looks bleak for one of the show’s fan favorites, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.

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