James Comey with 'messy bitch' tweets

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Twitter is living for ‘messy b***h’ James Comey’s tell-all

Comey lives for it.


David Covucci


Former FBI Director James Comey‘s Trump tell-all is set to drop next week, so snippets are starting to leak to drum up interest.

Not only are they juicy—saying he thought Hillary Clinton would win the election and revealing that Trump asked him to investigate the pee tape—they’ve cemented Comey’s status as a messy bitch who lives for drama. At least according to Twitter.


Just look at the CNN front page.

comey messy bitch

That is some messy bitch stuff.

The phrase—in case you didn’t know—originates from Joanne the Scammer and involves anyone who loves getting in other people’s shit and watching it play out.

It’s like someone who would get deep into salacious details, exposing a colleague or friend just to see how the rest of the world would react.

Basically, Comey’s book.

And Twitter is living for it.


It’s all messy bitch stuff.

Lordy, Comey even included a bit about Trump’s hands in the book.

He dishes on Trump’s chief of staff.


But it isn’t just this tell all—his performance in front of Congress, his very obvious subtweets—Comey long ago cemented his status as messy bitch.


And to think, this messy bitch was in charge of the entire FBI. Now you start to see why he sent that last-minute Hillary letter.

And he sure knows how to rile up his haters.

Look in 2018 we’re all living for the drama.

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