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This NYC comedian figured out the best way to channel his ‘True Detective’ frustrations

Call now.


Audra Schroeder


Complaining about season 2 of True Detective has become the Internet’s favorite Monday morning hobby. But one man has taken his frustration offline.

NYC comedian Jason Saenz decided to make his loss of interest in the show something more tactile than a tweet or comment. He actually made a poster in an effort to crowdsource ideas about why season 2 is so confounding. The phone number, he told the Hollywood Reporter, “goes to a dead line, which is symbolic of the current state of the show.”

Of course, if you’re going to attempt to enjoy or understand the new True Detective, it’s probably helpful to forget season 1 ever existed and stop pining for it. The second season comes to an end in a couple weeks, but at least we have someone out there to voice our frustrations. 

H/T The Hollywood Reporter | Photo via saenzsigns/Tumblr 

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