Amazon’s ‘Transparent’ gets behind-the-scenes commentary

Transparent Cast

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More Moppa, please!

If you’re one of the many fans who binge-watched season 1 of Amazon’s Transparent, a sweet surprise is coming your way. Amazon released commentary for all 10 episodes of season 1 on Wednesday, reports Variety.

The commentary features insights from Jill Soloway, the series creator whose experience with her own parent’s transition inspired the show, and Jeffrey Tambor, who stars as Maura, the series protagonist.

“People are always coming up and asking me questions about how the show came together,” said Soloway. “With this audio commentary, they can hear it for themselves—whether we’re reminiscing about the technicalities of production or just showcasing some of the chemistry we shared. I can’t wait for our fans to sink their teeth into some of our behind-the-scenes goodness.”

Much like the commentary found on the bonus section of a DVD, the audio reveals interesting tidbits and factoids about the show. For example, Tambor’s pivotal line, “My whole life I’ve been dressing up like a man,” was inspired by a real-life reaction from one of Soloway’s friends when she announced her own parent’s transition.

So if you’re a diehard fan who can’t wait for season 2, grab a bowl of popcorn and dive in.

H/T Variety | Photo via JDH Rosewater/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

Nayomi Reghay

Nayomi Reghay

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