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Photo via Ken Durden/Shutterstock | Screengrab via Tony Romo/Instagram (Licensed)

Tony Romo joins Instagram, immediately shows why football is such a tough sport

He scored big with this Instagram post.


Josh Katzowitz


Tony Romo’s Twitter account, much like his late-game quarterbacking throughout his career, can be an inconsistent mess that, at times, features brilliance.

Sometimes, the Cowboys quarterback is an inspiration.

Sometimes, he’s incoherent.

And sometimes, the man commonly referred to as America’s Quarterback, posts things nobody understands.

But as of Thursday, Romo—who only has tweeted 25 times since joining Twitter in 2008—is taking on a new social media venture, as evidenced by his first ever Instagram post.

As we all know, kids are ratings gold, so if Romo continues in this direction, he’ll have a surefire social media hit on his hands (hell, considering he has 385,000 followers, he’s already a success). Which is good, because if he stays in Dallas, which has relegated him to a backup role, he’ll have plenty of time for posting Instagrams of his children.

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