David S Pumpkins

Photo via Tom Hanks/Twitter


If you are thinking you have the best Halloween costume this year, you are wrong. Tom Hanks blew that out of the water earlier today when he tweeted the following picture:

We get it, Hanx. You win Halloween this year, and maybe Halloween forever. But, is there something more to learn from David S. Pumpkins

As Sara Benincasa writes in a Medium post about our new favorite hero, “Do we not each walk through life with our own dancing skeletons beside us?” And if you have to have these skeletons with you through your life, isn’t it best that they are dancing? Gotta have fun with this thing we call life. We aren’t getting out of here alive, amirite?

The key to living a life that would make David S. Pumpkins proud is simple: Don’t overthink it. 

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