summer nights grease todrick hall

“‘Scuse me, miss, you want some of this?”

Master of YouTube parody Todrick Hall was a mere glint in his father’s eye when John Travolta was stranded at the drive-in in 1978.

Greasy, Hall’s interracial send-up of the film Grease, offered by comedy site What the Funny, reenacts the opening scene in the film where Olivia Newton-John and Travolta sing “Summer Nights” as a way of telling their friends about a summer spent “splashin’ around” at the beach. In this more modern version, Hall is telling his homies about the summer he spent with the blonde that began with the line, “‘Scuse me, miss, you want some of this?” Subtle? No. Effective? Apparently.

The original:

It’s not Hall’s first time tackling a classic: He previously retold Cinderella through Beyoncé songs, developed a Wizard of Oz remix with Pentatonix, and released a Mean Girls parody for the film’s 10th anniversary.

Screengrab via What the Funny

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