Tammy Hembrow Video Explaining Kylie Jenner Party Collapse

YouTube / Tammy Hembrow

Instagram star posts tearful video after being stretchered out of Kylie Jenner’s birthday party

‘You just never know what someone is going through.’


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Tammy Hembrow, a 24-year-old Instagram model and fitness blogger, made headlines last week after photos emerged of her being stretchered face down from Kylie Jenner‘s 21st birthday party. The 24-year-old mother of two was driven by ambulance to a nearby hospital before Jenner even arrived.

Hembrow posted a video to her YouTube channel on Monday explaining the circumstances leading up to the paramedics being called to Delilah in West Hollywood, California.

Hembrow chokes back tears in the video, explaining she wanted everyone to know she was OK and blamed a combination of drinking and 30 hours without sleep, exhaustion, and a broken engagement for the unfortunate occurrence.

She also clapped back at the internet trolls making fun of her face-down removal from the party. “You just never know what someone is going through,” she explains, “so it’s a reminder to be kind always. I mean, there’s a lot of people who go through a lot worse than this.”


Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Hembrow built a multi-million dollar fitness empire with help from her 8.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers.

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