Screenshot via The Simpsons/Twitter

That’s how dire the situation is in Puerto Rico.

This Sunday’s Simpsons season premiere was a Game of Thrones parody, but the episode ended in Springfield instead of Westeros.

In a Very Special Episode moment, the entire cast (from Young Homer to Bumblebee Man) flanked a Puerto Rican flag before the credits rolled to raise awareness for the millions of Americans still suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The image, which Entertainment Weekly points out aired for five seconds at the end of the episode, featured Marge holding a sign that says “unido” (united), and the Twitter handles for Unicef and Save the Children displayed at the bottom. Lisa, the cast’s most bleeding-heart cause-supporter, can be seen in the foreground shedding a single tear.

The show tweeted the image Sunday evening and added the caption “How you can help…” suggesting fans make a donation or raise awareness using the hashtag #OneAmericaAppeal.

As Vulture points out: If schoolyard bully Nelson Muntz can step up and in a time of crisis, we all can. (For the uninitiated, that kid is not nice.)

If you’re looking for ways to help Puerto Rico, check out our list.

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