Serena Williams speaks on police brutality

Screengrab via serenawilliams/Instagram

The tennis star took to Facebook, and did not hold back.

More entertainers, artists, and athletes continue to speak out against police violence. Beyoncé added the victims of officer-involved shootings to the visuals in her Lemonade tour, and then Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem. Now Serena Williams offers her thoughts via a meditative Facebook post.

On Tuesday the tennis player shared a very thoughtful and personal story about why she is choosing to say something. After riding in the car with her 18-year-old nephew and spotting a cop car in the distance, Williams found herself reminiscing on the video of the killing of Philando Castille, who was shot during a routine traffic stop.

In the post she expresses her concern for her nephew’s safety and the fear that follows having a black, male family member.

She concluded her post with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. on silence being violence. Check out the entire post below.

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