‘Binging With Babish’ conquers the ‘Seinfeld’ food trifecta

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No soup for you? No! Soup for you!

After 15 months of TV-inspired cooking adventures, Binging With Babish creator Andrew Rea finally tackled some of the most famous foodie scenes in all of small-screen history: a classic Seinfeld menu of muffin tops, cinnamon babka, and, of course, Soup Nazi soup.

In true Babish style, the episode includes a ton of ingredients and represents a not-insignificant time commitment, but it’s all explained in a straightforward and accessible way. Tasty GIF recipes these are not, but when you’re talking about baking two types of babka from scratch, you should know better than to expect that anyway. Rea also breaks down a few different approaches to the muffin tops and babka so that you can tweak the flavors or experiment with whichever baking method you prefer.

Two more notable details about this episode: First, its title is “Seinfeld Special Part I,” which implies there’s at least one more video of Seinfeldian favorites to come. Second, this episode has a sponsored blurb from Squarespace tacked onto the end of it. Normally that sort of content is a turn-off, but it’s beyond welcome here: It heralds in a new era of web-based Babish. Now all of his recipes will live on the food porn hub of BingingWithBabish.com.

Second and third helpings of Babish? Yeah, sign us up.

Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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