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Sean Hannity is in a Twitter feud with Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s getting nasty

Hannity calls Kimmel ‘Harvey Weinstein Jr.’ Kimmel laughs in his face.


Josh Katzowitz


Sean Hannity is in a feud with Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s gotten nasty. The Fox News star is calling Kimmel a pervert after the late-night host made fun of Melania Trump’s accent this week. Kimmel, meanwhile, is egging on Hannity. And it’s all playing out in front of everybody on Twitter.

After Kimmel slammed the first lady following the White House Easter Egg roll, Hannity responded forcefully on his show. Kimmel called Hannity an “ass clown.” Then, the feud was on with Hannity calling Kimmel “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” and posting old, sophomoric clips of Kimmel on The Man Show. Kimmell responded by claiming that he reveled in the online brouhaha.

And from there it went.

If you’re enjoying this, stay tuned to their Twitter accounts. It sounds like there’s probably more to come.

Update 2:15pm CT, April 8: Kimmel on Sunday said he wanted a truce with Hannity and apologized to Melania Trump. Will Hannity accept?

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