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These parodies of podcast ads are spot on

Why not commit your next murder with one of Harry's razors?


David Britton


Posted on Mar 7, 2017   Updated on May 24, 2021, 9:31 pm CDT

Podcasts are an amazing form of free entertainment, perfect for things like house cleaning, or long road trips. But just like the rest of us, podcasters have to pay the bills, so you’re going to get some commercials. The great thing about a podcast is, much like television in the days of old, it’s the actual stars of the show pitching you the product, just like Johnny Carson used to on The Tonight Show.

Well OK, hopefully they can hold it together a little better than that. Paul F. Tompkins fans know that he’s the master of this and could probably make a totally listenable hour-long podcast just doing ads. But not everyone is so smooth, and to make matters worse, all podcasts seem to cycle through the same 15-20 sponsors, pitching one of like five different products. For some reason advertisers believe podcast listeners really want a good night’s sleep and a clean shave. They’re also apparently the kinds of people who need their meals delivered but also want extremely fancy underwear, which honestly seems like two very different guys. Add to this the fact that so many podcasts seem to be about murder (another way it’s similar to television) and you have a recipe for disaster—and hilarity depending on how dark your sense of humor is.

Comedian Mike Drucker, who is also a podcaster, perfectly encapsulated this phenomenon on Twitter just the other day.

Druker clearly hit a nerve, as people quickly, and in volume, responded with similar tweets.

Mattresses, as many people pointed out, seem to be a big go to sponsor for podcasts.

To be fair, one of the advantages of podcasts is that they tend to offer a discount on whatever product they’re slinging, making it easy for listeners to acquire all the razors and mattresses they need to commit their own grizzly murders.

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*First Published: Mar 7, 2017, 1:06 pm CST