Netflix claims subscribers have the same 6 shows in common


Netflix‘s constant, daily flood of new shows and movies can make it hard to find something to settle in with, but according to a new study from Netflix, the streaming platform posits that subscribers have at least six shows in common.

According to Netflix, it found this ratio by combing through its 139 million member accounts and concluding that “The average number of shows shared between two randomly paired Netflix active accounts is 6.2. Both accounts had to have watched at least 1 episode of the show in common or 70% of the film in common in the past year.”

Netflix cited Bird Box, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror as some of the biggest shared titles, as well as the critically panned Bright, Spanish-language thriller Money Heist, and Kurt Russell-led holiday film The Christmas Chronicles. However, the accompanying video highlights Big Mouth, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, and Queer Eye. The study apparently only took original titles into account and not streaming favorites like The Office or Friends.

Of course, Netflix has been trading in some dubious “data” lately, throwing out viewership numbers for hit shows You and Sex Education that were a little too inflated, according to some critics. It seems Netflix wants to use this “study” as a conversation starter or to show how it’s bridging the cultural divide, but this data could also just rest on the law of averages, considering just how much content Netflix releases.

It also leaves us with some questions: Did we all watch Bird Box because it looked interesting or because of the meme-assisted push around its release? Are people really still watching Bright? You allegedly saw astronomical viewership but it’s not on this list?


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Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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