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Netflix phishing scam asks for your payment info [Update]

This one targets bank accounts.


Audra Schroeder


Update 3:47pm CT, Nov. 6: Another phishing scam has been circulating. It contains similar language about billing info but instead of alerting subscribers that their account is disabled, this one says, “Your suspension notification,” and asks recipients to “restart” their membership.

There’s yet another Netflix phishing scam circulating, and this one involves an email saying your account has been disabled.

Subscribers have reportedly received emails that claim trouble with billing information, and ask customers to update payment info. Some versions of the email have asked for bank account info, which is not something Netflix would ask for over email. If you receive this email, do not click on any links, and definitely question why “Aleksander” is being so casual.

Another version of this scam circulated earlier this year, and urged subscribers to update their credit card info and social security number, which is, again, not something Netflix requires.

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