golden @ symbol hanging on fish hook phishing concept keyboard underneath computer screen blurred in background

Healthcare worker says her company used a ‘$30 gas card gift’ as an employee phishing test

‘I would download a virus just for revenge’

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Hands on a laptop.

Facebook phishing scheme used over 39,000 fake websites, lawsuit says

The login pages were made to look like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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USPS mailboxes next to a phishing scam

Don’t click that USPS text you just got—it’s a scam

The phishing scheme attempts to obtain personal information from its recipients.

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A webcam on top of a laptop

Hackers are hiding malware in videoconference links

Zoom, Teams, Meet are being targeted for phishing attacks.

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Researchers expose how Amazon Echo and Google Home can steal passwords

Security researchers unveil a new vulnerability in smart home speakers.

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Watch out for this new Instagram copyright phishing scam

The attack asks users to log in to a fake page to dispute an alleged copyright violation.

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Don’t fall victim to this Venmo texting scam

Police warn of a new phishing attack that attempts to steal your personal financial info.

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Facebook’s new sign-up feature resembles a phishing attack

Social media site plans to discontinue practice after outcry.

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New phishing attack uses Google Translate to trick users

Here’s how to protect yourself.

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google phishing quiz

Can you spot an email from a hacker?

Google releases phishing test of the latest tricks.

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netflix scam

Netflix warns users to be cautious of new phishing scam

Don’t click on any links and definitely don’t update your payment info.

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netflix phishing scam

New Netflix email scam asks users for credit card information

Avoid pressing any attachments and links contained in emails.

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Verified Twitter icon with background pattern of Verified icon with question mark in place of check mark

Twitter is promoting a ‘get verified’ phishing scam

Apparently, Twitter’s ad approval process is still broken.

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netflix phishing scam

Netflix phishing scam asks for your payment info [Update]

This one targets bank accounts.

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Three men face palming

Equifax has been sending people to a fake phishing site for weeks

Seriously, Equifax???

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