‘Thank you, next’ tweet brings Mark Hamill and Ariana Grande together

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Twitter can bring out the best (but usually the worst) in us, so we are very grateful for any moment when two completely unrelated corners of the internet delightfully intersect with one another.

On Saturday, Mark Hamill—a very frequent Twitter user—tweeted out what he thought was something random. And to those not tuned in to pop culture, it might not seem like much.

But it does have relevance to music fans. Hamill’s “Thank you, next” tweet, when stylized as “thank u, next,” is the name of Ariana Grande’s newest song that she released earlier this month and has already achieved meme status.

Soon enough, Grande caught wind that Hamill had tweeted the title of her newest song.

After his followers filled him in, Hamill offered a little course correction. He might not have known that “thank u, next” was the title of a song, but he is aware of who Grande is.

Grande, to put it lightly, couldn’t contain herself after seeing Hamill’s compliment.

It might be nothing more than a lovely Twitter interaction, but it’s always fun to imagine that Grande’s so popular that even the galaxy far, far away knows about her.

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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