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Mariah Carey joins the latest meme craze, memes self

A new ‘queen of memes’ rises.


Tess Cagle


It was just last week that the “if you don’t love me at my worst” meme took Twitter by storm—and now a few celebrities have begun to join in on the fun.

Mariah Carey meme’d herself on Sunday, following the de facto format: post two photos side by side with the text “if you don’t love me at my” to describe the first photo, and “then you don’t deserve me at my” to describe the second photo. Worst and best are implied through the photographs in the meme.  

In Carey’s meme, she first shared a screengrab of herself in the movie Precious from 2009—where she was infamously asked to go makeup-less for her role—and for the second photo, she shared the album cover of her LP The Emancipation of Mimi from 2005.

Fans have reacted positively for the most part—some going as far as calling her a “queen of memes”—and others tweeted to her their own Mariah Carey memes.

Carey isn’t the only celebrity who has meme’d herself. Tyra Banks made a meme, too, last week and Mindy Kaling hilariously responded to one made for her.

The meme lives on.

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