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Netflix ‘Living With Yourself’ trailer offers a double dose of Paul Rudd

The only thing better than one Paul Rudd? Two Paul Rudds.


Collyn Burke


Netflix just dropped the first trailer for a new original series Living With Yourself, which stars not one but two Paul Rudds.

The series, written and created by Emmy Award-winner Timothy Greenberg, stars Rudd as Miles, a man angry and unfulfilled by life. When Miles goes to a spa that promises to “build a better you,” he gets more than he bargains for, a new-and-improved duplicate of himself. Now, Miles has to face off with a perfect version of himself if he wants to keep his own life.

Netflix dropped the trailer on Twitter along with two others, for Daybreak and The Shadow of the Moon, all set to premiere this fall.

Response to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people freaking out over the double dose of Paul Rudd.

“DOUBLE PAUL RUDD?!?! LETS GOOO,” user @nerds4lifee tweeted.

“Now you’ve done this show can you put Paul Rudd in everything else you release ever thank you,” user @planetcameron wrote.

In addition to the Rudd-rage, many Netflix users took the opportunity to air their fears of getting attached to a show that could get canceled, like fan-favorite The OA, abandoned by the network after two seasons.

“How can I trust Netflix with a new series at this point?” wrote user @WisestWizards.

Living With Yourself premieres Oct. 18 on Netflix.


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